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Wood Heinz

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No4 Regular
No4 New
No2 Regular
No2 New

Wood Heinz No.2 - Deco Caps / great addon to give Wood Heinz more appeal
Deco Caps
Deco Caps New



The German guy from Italy

The Wood Heinz fonts are classic display typefaces. The design looks very familiar - like the famous German Block typeface - but these wood typefaces are from Italy, a me-too product that was probably produced and distributed by Xilografia di Verona in the 1930s.

The letters were redrawn and transferred to digital fonts. We tried to keep the look warm and vintage. We slightly modernised some of the letters, and for better spacing and legibility, we opened up the counters and made the font work at smaller text sizes.

Many advertisements and labels require a narrower design, so we developed a condensed version called Wood Heinz No. 2. Both widths are available in clean (New) and worn (Regular) styles. Since both families share the same stem weight you can mix both together like it was common with wood type in the letterpress days.

Wood Heinz No. 2 and No. 4 offer up to four "printed look" variations of all Latin basic letters and figures. An OpenType letter rotator is programmed into the fonts to emulate the randomness of old wood type printing on live typing. Please ensure that the OpenType feature Contextual Alternates (calt) is enabled by default in your text setting application. You can manually switch to the alternate glyphs using Stylistic Sets 1 - 4. Stylistic Set 5 activates the more common straight-legged uppercase R.

Enjoy the vintage!



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