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Wood Bonnet Grotesque No.4

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After the release of Wood Bonnet Antique No.7 some of my clients asked for a sans serif version. So I printed my second batch of old wood type.

I transferred these wood type into a digital font and tried to preserve the warm vintage look. If you prefer a more generic look or want to use the font in smaller text sizes, I have made a clean version as a separate style and called it Grotesque No.4 New. It's the preferred style for any use on websites, apps or ebooks.

Wood Bonnet Grotesque No.4 offers up to four glyph variations of all Latin basic letters, figures, and some additional letters. An OpenType glyph rotator is programmed to emulate the randomness of old-school printing. You can use stylistic sets 1 – 4 for direct access too.

If you need more weights - check out Bonnet Grotesque Nr

Enjoy the vintage!


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