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The Vtg Stencil fonts from astype are based on real world stencils from several countries.

The Marsh design was derived from authentic 1 inch stencils, cut by a Marsh model R machine. Marsh produced stencil machines since 1922 and was, besides Diagraph, Bradley and Ideal, the fourth manufacturer of stencil machines in the world. Marsh built machines and punches for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch stencils – with small differences between the stencil sizes. Even if they are the same die size, they may differ slightly depending on the year of production. The letter design is base on a thin, slightly narrow sans serif and strictly monospaced. This leads to some optical problems with wide and narrow letters like M, W and I.

The Regular font style is the most sophisticated design. I revised spacing and some of the proportions and made the bridges closer – of course this style is kerned. The Mono version largely retains my design changes but is monospaced. The Mono R version is very close to the original cut, but I had to fix the ugly bow of the letter S. Figures 1 and 0 and the letters I and O share the same design.

Signature letters are A, M, V, W and & and the figures 4 and 5.

Historc models of Marsh stencil cutting machines
Machine Name die (punch) size production time
Model 75 ¾ inch 1922 - 1925
Model A ¾ inch 1925 - 1940
Model M ½ inch 1926 - 1940
introducing casted punches
Model S ¾ inch 1940 -
Model H ½ inch 1940 -
1946 - 47 first electric versions
Model R 1 inch 1946 -
Model E* ¼, ½, ½ and 1 inch
Model Q ¼ inch ???
*the Electric version was available for all sizes (Q, S, H, R)

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