Vtg Stencil Italy No. 2

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The Vtg Stencil fonts from astype are based on real world stencils from several countries. The Italian stencils are roughly based on classic French stencil letters — please compare the figures (numbers) with their French counterparts. However, the Italian stencils are made with a different production technique. The design of the letters is clearly not punch-cut into the plates — maybe they are drilled, milled or etched. Details such as the serifs look bold and a bit clumsy, and when using the stencils as they are meant, with viscous sign paint, smaller details easily fade away.

Unlike in France, in Italy you will find these stencils more in the maritime area — that is, on boats and harbor on beach accesses and sometimes on campsites and kiosks.

These stencils (STAMPI TRAFORATI LETTERE, STAMPI ALFABETO LAMIERA) can be purchased in Italien maritiem metal stores or Brico. You will notice that the width of the letters does not scale uniformly across the stencil sizes.

I took my freedom to design a font close to the original design but adding several typographic tweaks to let it shine, hoping to get closer to the intended design idea of these Italian stencils.

Enjoy the vintage!


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