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Vtg Stencils US No. 4

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Family Pack - 4 fonts

The Vtg Stencil fonts from astype are based on real-world stencils from several countries.

The US No. 4 design was drawn from a antique US-American stencil wheel plate made by New York Stencil Works. This revolving stencil-plate was invented by Eugene L. Tarbox and patented in 1868. It was a mass produced product and a very common tool in the United States.

The New York Stencil Works company was founded by Mr. J. D. Mallonee in 1888. He was the inventor of many type tools. New York Stencil Works manufactured lots of parts for typewriter companies like Smith Premier, Yost, Columbia, National, Williams, and many others. New York Stencil Works was dissolved in about 1917, after his death.

The Regular font style is a clean font design featuring a full Latin glyph set including some typical stencil ornaments and tabular figures. The Paint font style is made from truly stenciled letters and features all the letters of the stencil-plate only.

In fact, the design is based on the very popular Clarendon Bold type, published in 1845 by Thorowgood & Co., London. So I see this design as an early but very close model of the later US-American Roman stencil type.

If you like the later design (Reeses abustable or interlocking stencils) have a look to my Vtg Stencil US No. 2 font.


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