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Vtg Stencils US No. 2

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Family Pack - 2 fonts

The Vtg Stencil fonts from astype are based on real-world stencils from various countries. The US No.2 design was drawn from an original one inch Reese's Eureka stencil kit.

The first interlocking stencil kits with a great market success were invented in 1876 (US Patent No. 173 058) by Samuel W. Reese. The kits were marked under the label Reese's Eureka. Later the part Eureka was dropped and the kits were sold under the mark Reese's only. Reese's stencils became very known for many years. Later, the Reeses brand was taken over by C. H. Hanson Co.

Today you can buy lots of used kits on ebay. This design is known till today under the name Roman Roman font. The competitors like Carragan, Dunlap, Fletcher, Monce, Stafford, Wards, and many more used the same design. Only true experts will note the little differences on some letters like R, Q, 5, $, ¢ and & – but the overall impression of the letter and figure designs is the same. (for the U.S. market)

Stencil cutters often used pre-made stencil cutting tools to reproduce these shapes even if they made custom work. So we can say this design is a blueprint of American stencil history.

For a fitting companien ornament font have a look to Vtg Stencil Ornaments A.

Historic US-American Trademarks and Companies for letter brass stencil plates
selling sets of single stencil plates in a "Roman" design
Heureka by S.W. Reese & Co., Chicago, Illinois interlocking plates 1876
Reese's by C.H. Hanson Co. Chicago, Illinois interlocking plates 1866-1960
C.H. Hanson (Reeses), Naperville, Illinois int. plates 1960-today
Eugene L. Tarbox, 87 Nassau St., New York interlocking plates (adjustable) ca. 1830
New York Stencil Works, 87 Nassau St. New York simple plates 1888-1917
Carragan's Stencil Combination simple plates 18??
Staffords's Stencil Combination, Stafford Mfg. Co., Inc., 66 Fulton St., Brooklyn, New York simple plates 1874
S. G. Monce Inc. interlocking plates 1900?
Stencil Outfit (a wooden box) by New York Stencil Works interlocking plates 1918
Quick Lock by The Fletcher-Terry Company, Forestville, Connecticut interlocking plates 1920?
Dunlap by Sears Roebuck and Co., Chicago, Illinois interlocking plates 1940-?
Gerneral Stencils, Inc., Brooklyn N.Y. interlocking plates ca. 1940-?

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