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Vtg Stencils US No.1

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Mother of U.S. American Stencil Type

In general, all of the fonts in the Vtg Stencil series are based on one or more specific historical stencil tools. But several tools were used as sources for the Vtg Stencil US No. 1 font.

From the many historical sources that we have, it is clear that lower case letters are a rarity in stencil tools in the USA. However, especially with custom stencil tools, lowercase letters sometimes appear.

New York Stencil Works did not only mass manufactured the popular revolving stencil disc with the US Roman typeface for uppercase letters, but also a variant for lowercase letters. This has motivated us to create a font that also includes lowercase. For general typesetting, having a font with lowercase letters is definitely a plus.

The source for the upper case letters were the 1 inch Reeses stencil plates. The lower case letters have been inspired by the stencil disc from the New York Stencil Works and other custom made stencil tools.

Enjoy the vintage!


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