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Vtg Stencils IDEAL No.1

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The design of the Vtg Stencil Ideal No.1 60 was taken from authentic 1-inch stencils from our own Ideal No.1 stencil machine from 1968. Between the 1950s and the late 1960s, the Ideal Co. changed the design of the letters somewhat. Therefore, we have created a complementary version of our font Vtg Stencil Ideal No.1 based on the older machines from the 1920-1940s with the name extension 60. The most noticeable change is the shape of the letter S, which has three stencil bridges on the later machines instead of two on the earlier machines.

Signature letters are A, B, G, M, Q, N, S, & and the numbers 2, 3 and 5.

The advantage of the Regular and Mono font styles of the 60 version is that we have added Cyrillic support to them. Our Cyrillic type specimen is not good enough for a really good Source font style. Therefore, we do not implement it at the moment.

Attention: We are looking for samples of the Big Ideal No.0 (2") and Ideal No.2 (5/8"), and Quarter (¼") and the samples of Cyrillic versions - and of course for versions of the very late Ideal No.1 (housings have a brownish colour).

models of IDEAL stencil cutting machines
Internal Model No. Machine Name die (punch) size market launch
0 SM BIG IDEAL NO. 0 2 inch ? ca. 1980
1 SM IDEAL NO. 1 1 inch Q1 1913
2 SM IDEAL NO. 2 5/8 inch April, 1913
3 SM IDEAL NO. 3 7/16 inch January, 1916
4 SM IDEAL QUARTER ¼ inch Q2 1956
5 SM IDEAL 3/16 3/16 inch after 1961
6 SM IDEAL EIGHTH 1/8 1 inch after 1961
7 SM IDEAL 3/32 3/32 inch after 1961
8 SM IDEAL 1/2 ? 1/2 inch ? late model
9 SM IDEAL 3/4 ? 3/4 inch ? late model
10 SM BIG IDEAL NO. 0 with 1 ¾ inch ? late model
> Air Power unit machine modification Q2 1958
> Extra lines option for models 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 SM.
Ideal Comp. has also produced a number of machines for embossing.
Available in the sizes of 1/2, 7/16, 3/8, 1/4, 3/16 and 5/32 inch.

>>> Visit the Ideal Stencil commemorative website for in-depth information about Ideal Stencil Machine Company and its machines.

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