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Bonnet Grotesque Nr

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The Slim All-Case Font

Since the release of Wood Bonnet Grotesque No.4 the font became popular for packaging and adverts. But the font styles were limited to one worn and one clean font in a medium weight only.

Bonnet Grotesque Nr [Narrow] will fill this gap. It’s based on Wood Bonnet Grotesque No. 4 but slightly modernized with sharp corners. Some letters need more space now – so tracking is not the same.

The Bonnet Grotesque Nr font family comes in six weights – Hairline, Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold. The Medium family style shares the same weight as the wood font version.

So if you need more font weights, but want to stay in style, Wood Bonnet Grotesque No. 4 – Bonnet Grotesque Nr will be a good companion. Regardless, the font family will do a great job of fulfilling many of your titling projects where space is limited.


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