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Astype Stencil

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Free Font

What happens when you cross Futura Black with DIN Stencil Type A?

You might ask this when you look at our Astype Stencil typeface. The Astype Stencil was created as a finger exercise after working on the DIN Stencil Type A, and it parked in our drawer for a while.

Now, we’ve opened the drawer to bring you a nice new font as a freebie.

You can download the Basic font style of the typeface for free from our Astype Font Store. Please do not redistribute it - the astype fonts EULA applies. The font is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

If you want the cool alternate glyphs, or need the Cyrillic support, or just like the font so much that you want to support our work, please consider purchasing a license for the Regular font style.

We have tried to give this type design classic a true stencil look with wider bridges. We improved the lowercase and made it more compact, and we think it is one of the best in the field, which is why it is the first typeface to carry our studio name.

Of course, we stand on the shoulders of giants. We bow to Josef Alberts, Joost Schmidt, Herbert Bayer, Jan Tschichold, and Paul Renner.

Enjoy the font and let your creativity flow!

The Regular font style is the common commercial font and offers some benefits like alternate glyphs and support for Cyrillic languages. The best way to test all Opentype features is with our Astype Font Store - Type Tester.


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