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Extended License for OEM or Broadcasting

OEM Licenses and Broadcasting Licenses are only available can only be obtained from .

An OEM Licenses is required if you wish to include or bundle astype fonts as functional font software in one of your products.

A Broadcasting License is required for all types of moving image productions such as films, series, documentaries, live broadcasts, typically on TV, in cinemas, network streams and/or distribution with the typical storage such as DVD, Blue Ray, film etc. A Broadcasting License is not required if the font is only used for advertising or sales packaging, i.e. does not appear in the film, stream or show itself, e.g. as a logo, backdrop, text ticker or for the credits.

This license is usually a one-time payment of about 10 to 30 times the amount of a simple desktop license. The decisive factor is the benefit that is generated for the end product. A major Hollywood production will be at the high end, and a movie from a small independent label will be at the low end. The Broadcasting License always refers to an already existing Desktop license - as an extension or appendix. This (base-) desktop license may also be purchased via an external contractor, proof of an invoice is sufficient.

The broadcasting license always covers only one production (1 film, 1 series [1 season], stream or show). It has to be licensed prior to first publication. A successor or prequel is treated as a second production and requires a new broadcast license. For a regular show or stream, such as a weekly TV show, you should expect a factor of 20. The factor increases even more if the production includes merchandise to be marketed with the astype fonts. The factor is even higher if the production is a blockbuster.

However, a movie for Hungarian TV or a nature documentary is more likely to have a factor of 10. If you have a special charitable project, the factor can be lowered below 10.

Convince !

Special case: Youtube and Twitch Shows

For a regular Youtube or Twitch show, it depends on the number of viewers on the channel and the nature of the production.

No additional license is required for obvious hobby streams or non-commercial films, but it depends on the individual case.

Font licenses for e-books are licensed on request.


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