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Specimen Book Offers of my Private Collection

In the last years I have collected serveral specimen books but I like to reduce my library. These are private sales without taxes. I will ship world wide!
Please send purchase requests by e-mail to me.

Foundry: D. Stempel, Germany


Schriftgießerei D. Stempel AG, Frankfurt am Main, Hauptprobe, 1925
The Stempel specimen form 1925 is the mother of all specimen books with over 9kg in weight.

First hand from a printing house lequidation, in a good to fine condition.

2500 €

Rare Book!

Foundry: Typoart, GDR


The last type specimen of Typoart in three folders (ring binders) from the 1980.

(Vol.1); TYPOART Fotosatz Schriften, Digiset Teil 1
(Vol.2); TYPOART Fotosatz Schriften, Digiset Teil 2
(Vol.3); TYPOART Fotosatz Schriften, Digiset Teil 3

In an overall used but nice collectable condition.

200 €

Rare Books!

Annual gift by Typoart for the year 1975. A folder with 16 single folded sheets with peoms, illustrations and Typoart foundry type. Layout and illustrations by the students of Kapr from Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

Wir unsere Zeit
Gedichte von Bartsch, Becher, Bräuning, Braun, Brecht, Fühmann, Fürnberg, Kahlau, Kirch, Knape, Kuba, Kunert, Maurer, Richter, Streubel, Zimmering
Typoart, Zimex Gmbh, 1974

Nice collectable condition.

100 €

Very Rare Folder!

Typoart Typenkunst published to the 25th anniversary of Typoart in 1973.

Typoart Typenkunst
by Albert Kapr and Hans Fischer
Ein Buch über das Entwerfen und die Herstellung typografischer Schriften
VEB Fachbuchverlag Leipzig, 1973

Nice collectable condition.

80 €

Fotosatzschriften: Type-Design und Schriftherstellung
by Albert Kapr
VEB Fachbuchverlag Leipzig, 1989

In a nice collectable condition.

30 €

Foundry: Lettergieterij Amsterdam, Netherlands


Specimen of the Lettergieterij Amsterdam for the Spanish and Portugiese market, second edition, form the 1930s

Selection de tipos modernos / Coleccao de tipos modernos
Segunda edition

In a used condition.

280 €


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