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Font Versions and Updates


  • v1.002 - Vtg Stencil DIN Type A
  • v1.311 - Sveva Versal
  • v1.002 - Vtg Stencil Ideal No.1


  • v1.101 - Crayfish
  • v1.310 - Sveva Versal
  • v2.002 - Sveva (v2 font styles)
  • v2.002 - Sveva Stencil
  • v1.006 - Vtg Stencil MARSH
  • v2.001 - Vtg Stencil US No.2


  • v1.103 - Ademo


  • v1.101 - Wood Bonnet Grotesque No.4


  • v1.103 - Heraut
  • v1.200 - Missale Lunea
  • v2.001 - Sattler Initials
  • v1.103 - Secca
  • v1.103 - Secca Soft
  • v1.103 - Secca Stencil
  • v1.008 - Toshna
  • v1.002 - Vtg Stencil Italy No.2
  • v1.003 - Vtg Stencil US No.51
  • v1.003 - Vtg Stencil Germany No.101
  • v1.101 - Vtg Stencil UK No.2


  • v1.007 - Vtg Stencil Germany No.1
  • v2.004 - Vtg Stencil US No.72


  • v3.001 - Paola
  • v2.002 - Simeon
  • v1.002 - Vtg Stencil France No.3
  • v1.002 - Vtg Stencil France No.5


  • v2.001 - Adana
  • v2.001 - Alea Initials
  • v2.002 - Gracia Solo
  • v2.001 - Gracia
  • v1.101 - Missale Incana
  • v1.004 - Secca Art Std
  • v1.104 - Vtg Stencil UK No.76
  • v1.106 - Wood Bonnet Antique No.7


  • v1.003 - Vtg Stencil Ornaments A


  • v1.004 - Vtg Stencil Ornaments A

We have been producing and selling fonts for over 20 years. There are always minor and major changes to our fonts. These include bug fixes, revisions, and font enhancements.

The version number and copyright notice date in the font file will tell you when your genuine astype font was produced. Normally, the version count starts with the number v1.001 on the first release. The Megato fonts are an exception, where it starts with the number v0.800.

Over the years, we have used several font distribution platforms. If you have licensed one of our fonts there and would like to update to the latest version, please send us a copy of your proof of purchase and you will receive the latest version of your font.

You can always get the latest font versions from our astype FontStore and our Gumroad page.

(Fonts from MyFonts have not been updated since 2022 because we are not allowed to do so.)

How to check the font version?

WINDOWS | In the File Explorer window select the font file and click the right mouse button. Then select Properties and the Font Properties Window will open. Now go to the Details tab.

Have a look to the «File Version» and «Copyright» section!

Windows Font File Properties Window

MAC OSX | In the Finder window select the font file and click the right mouse button. Then select Get Info and the File Info will open.

Have a look to the «File Version» and «Copyright» section!

OSX File Info


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